NCR Towerview Promotion

In 1989, Frank got his first professional opportunity to create a training/demonstration video and marketing package.  The video explained the operation and internal design for sales and marketing presentations.  It was delivered on VHS tape inside a sales training package containing the data sheets, brochures, 35mm slideshow and script, and X-Windows installation tape.  Frank contracted a local video production firm who hired a writer, announcer, actors, editor, and graphics artist.  Frank managed the project from conception to final production and duplication.

Click HERE to watch the original VHS video.

Click HERE to watch a Frank FCP X edited/uploaded version of the video above.

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Frank Gould’s Portfolio

Welcome to Frank Gould’s Portfolio Page! This page contains examples of Frank’s diverse productions that highlight his significant accomplishments. These pages are updated frequently with new samples, so pay no attention to the post date for this page. Scroll through the samples displayed above and click on a picture to see more details. The Video Resume is a short graphic explanation of Frank’s service offerings.  On the Demo Reel et cetera page, you can see examples of Frank’s movie making deliverables and accomplishments.

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