Career History Video

This video explains the last few years in Frank Gould’s career.  Although it is a bit long (4:30) but entertaining, it contains Frank’s accomplishments and hurdles to get where he is today.

Click HERE to watch video on Vimeo.


Online Resume

Frank’s online resume includes recommendation letters from others who have worked with him over decades.

Click HERE to view Frank Gould’s Motion Pictures Resume and Recommendation Letters.

Daytona Beach Condo Rental Promotion

Frank edited this short promotional video for Linda Piantieri using footage from an iPhone camera.  The original footage was jerky and low coloration that Frank improved for this final version.

Click HERE to watch the Promotional Video.

The web page below shows multiple still images of a client’s condo, interior and exterior view, for rent in Daytona Beach, Florida.  The interior window shots are composites where the overexposed windows are replaced as inserts from a lower bracketed shot image that captured the interior shots and subjects underexposed but the windows are correctly exposed.  Camera used:   Sony DSC-H2 with wide angle lens.  Photo editor:  Pixelmator, an Adobe Photoshop emulation application.

Click HERE to view Frank’s still photos.

Cracker Creek Promotion

Between jobs, Frank would travel to Spruce Creek, Florida, to visit friends who own the Cracker Creek recreational facilities.  As a result, Frank shot, edited, and produced two promotional videos:  30 second and 60 second spots.

Click HERE to view the 30 second spot.

Click HERE to view the 60 second spot.

16th Annual Valencia Film Celebration Website

This website is a mockup of the original version.  Since the same site is updated each year by the students in the program, Frank duplicated those webpages on WordPress, at the link below.  Frank created the page banner and footer for the template and links to the videos and articles.

Click HERE to see Frank’s mocked up version.

Click HERE to see Valencia’s current website.

Valencia Motion Pictures Sizzler Reel

This 30 second video shows Valencia Motion Pictures clips from movies produced at Valencia College over the last decade.   Frank assembled this piece in 2011 along with Ralph Clemente, Director Film (Motion Picture) Program.

Click HERE to view this video in YouTube.

Take ECO-Action! PSA

Frank produced, video recorded, added foley sound, and edited this 10 minute video about ECO-Action, a non-profit organization that cleans up the environment around Central Florida.

Click HERE to watch video.

Frank is also the webmaster for the ECO-Action website.

Click HERE to view website.

Automated PowerPoint Training Presentation

This is an automated presentation for a corporate online application used by thousands of diverse users. The voiceover was written, narrated, and recorded by Frank Gould, as were all of the slides captured and animated by him, in 2002.

Click HERE to download and play PowerPoint presentation.

After the file has downloaded, navigate to your default download folder and double click on the file name that appears below:


NCR Multimedia Learning Station

NCR Multimedia Learning Station Brochure

This is an award winning brochure Frank wrote and produced as the Product Manager for the Multimedia Learning Station.  In actuality, this was the first Windows PC that included many of the features included with personal computers today (2012).  It was also the turning point for the network opening up ubiquitously in the computer environment and cable connectivity.

Click HERE to view the brochure.

NCR Multimedia Learning Station Data Sheet

Frank also produced the data sheet which contains more technical details about the product.

Click HERE to view the data sheet.

That year, the Video Disc Monitor newsletter featured the Multimedia Learning Station in its monthly issue, September 1992.

Click HERE to view a newsletter article featuring the NCR Multimedia Learning Station.