Locale Continuity

These two pictures are from two different movies shot here in the Central Florida area.  The first scene was shot in Deland, Florida at the Stetson Manor from My Fair Lidy; the second was shot at University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, from Missionary movie.  The first frame contains sabal palmetto trunks, which is an indigenous species and not found in Hollywood, where this activity was supposed to have occurred.  The editor was careful in selecting the camera angles to prevent recognition as much as possible (Frank only knows that because he was there and saw the whole tree).  The second frame contains phoenix dactylifera, which do not grow north of Deland, Florida.

The second scene was supposed to have occurred in South Georgia, just across the Florida border, way beyond its survival zone. Few people know enough about Central Florida plants and trees to advise directors and cinematographers about locale identities.  Frank does and has resources to collaborate and resolve any such issues or questions.

Click HERE for more information about the sabal palmettos

Click HERE for more information about the phoenix dactylifera


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