NCR Multimedia Learning Station Brochure

A well-trained workforce is a must to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace.  But costs, in time and money, to improve productivity are fast becoming prohibitive.  Large companies with many scattered locations can’t always justify sending employees to central training facilities because of the expense and time away from the job.  One alternative – on the job training – can tie up supervisors, alienate customers, and even pose physical risks.

A Cost-Effective Solution

With NCR 3331 Multimedia Learning Stations, your employees will have vital information and training whenever they need it.  You’ll be able to offer multimedia training 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  No more waiting for classes to fill up or costly trips for training.  Your new and current employees will learn faster and retain knowledge longer, and your customers will get better service.  Your managers will be freed for their most productive tasks.

The compact NCR 3331 Multimedia Learning Station occupies the same desk space as a PC.  Its small size and wealth of integrated features make it ideal for locations where space is at a premium, for example in branch offices, financial institutions, retail outlets, and fast food stores.

NCR’s versatile system addresses the training needs of both professional and hourly employees.  NCR backs this product with one of the industry’s largest, most experienced support teams that include over 20,000 service professionals in 1,300 worldwide locations.  To plan and implement your education courseware, NCR Education Services can assist in designing and developing your customized multimedia courses.

Multimedia has the Training Edge

NCR 3331 Multimedia Learning Stations make it possible to offer courses that are consistent in content and presentation from location to location.  “Instructors” don’t have off days.  NCR Learning Stations always perform at their best and don’t let important information slip through the cracks.

Moreover, your employees will pickup information faster and find it stays with them longer, because they interact with their courses – in effect, get their hands on the tasks they are asked to perform.  Industry statistics show that students retain about 20% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear, and 90% of what they se, hear, and do.

Employees being trained with NCR Learning Stations will also get the chance to acquire job-related skills by practicing in a secure environment where they don’t have to deal with actual customers of plant operations.

Multimedia for education allows your new and experienced employees to learn at their own rate.  Self-paced and recursive instruction makes the most effective use of employee time and increases motivation as well.  Studies show that if students are pretested and skip information they already know, “seat time” can be reduced by and average of 50 percent.  Add this to the cost and time employees save by not traveling to training centers, and the benefits of Learning Stations become even more impressive.

Digital Versatility

The powerfully interactive NCR Multimedia Learning Station offers one of the most comprehensive multimedia platforms in the industry for developing and delivering courseware throughout your corporation.

Using an enhanced NCR Learning Station, your training staff can develop interactive courses that mix full motion digital video, narration, graphics animation, photographic-quality images, and compact disc digital audio – all this without the need for expensive media production facilities.

A Learning Station configured for video development allows the trainer to record and digitize video directly onto the hard disk drive from a video camera, image scanner, videodisc player, or VCR.  After the course is complete and distributed, the video can be played back at the student’s Learning Station using digital video playback software without the additional video hardware.  Plus, a digital video accelerator option is available for the student’s Learning Station if higher resolution and full screen video are required.

The all-digital approach lets your training staff design, edit, and revise multimedia courseware in a fraction of the time required by earlier video disc CBT (Computer Based Training) technology.  And it doesn’t take a computer programmer to use the NCR Learning Stations.

After developing the courseware, your training staff can easily and inexpensively distribute the course throughout your company, either on lightweight CD-ROMs, magnetic media, or over your communications networks.  The internal CD-ROM drive has a capacity of up to 600 Megabytes of multimedia files – up to 650,000 pages of text, 5 hours of stereo sound, or 72 minutes of near television quality full motion video and audio.

A Broad Range of Application Support

NCR Learning Stations support a wide selection of multimedia applications and development tools.  Because NCR Learning Stations comply with Multimedia PC (MPCTM), Digital Video Interactive (DVI®), Microsoft WindowsTM, and other industry standards, your present technology investments are protected.

NCR Learning Stations can also deliver off-the-shelf training courses on generic business topics such as Customer Service, Process Management, Quality Procedures, and Office Productivity.

To help first-time users, NCR Learning Stations include an on-line tutorial explaining how to use the system.  The NCR 3331 QuickTour software opens the door to using the Learning Station.

Optimizing Your Resources

Whether your organization is retail, manufacturing, financial, or other type of business, it’s critical that your employees get the highest-quality training to stay on top of the frequent changes typical in today’s world market.  The NCR 3331 Multimedia Learning Station is a cost effective system that can help you encourage the best from your workforce, increase productivity, and do so in less time at the most effective price.

Many Options for Economy, Performance, and Use

NCR Learning Stations are available in any of several configurations, according to your budget, performance, and usage needs.  Scalable processor configurations provide a price point to meet your deployment needs.

Learning Stations used for delivering student courseware offer an economic configuration that typically includes an Intel i486TM 25MHz processor, a flex disk drive, and a medium capacity hard disk drive.

A system configured for authoring and developing audio-only courseware typically includes an Intel i486TM 33MHz processor, 256KB cache memory, a flex disk drive, and a large capacity hard disk drive.  A system configured for audio-video courseware development also includes a Digital Video Accelerator board, Digital Video Capture Module, and Digital Video editing tools.

A noteworthy part of the Learning Station is a software module that supports any IconAuthorTM course.  When distributing courseware, this enables immediate, license-free course distribution to all NCR 3331 Learning Station installations.

NCR 3331 Multimedia Learning Station Features

  • Fully integrated compact system designed for business training
  • NCR 3331 QuickTour interactive multimedia tutorial
  • High capacity, internal CD-ROM drive
  • Human Intuitive, multimedia software control interface for audio and video
  • Industry standard stereo headphones
  • Small footprint with front panel audio control, microphone, and headphone jacks
  • 16-bit digital audio for CD-quality sound
  • Internal acoustically designed speaker
  • Full 32-bit I/O processing for multimedia performance
  • Intel i486 processor upgradable to higher performance i486 processors
  • Scalable cache memory
  • 70 Nanosecond RAM upgradable to 32MB
  • 3 Available AT expansion bus connectors
  • 256 color palette with up to 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Industry standard multimedia system components
  • Microsoft Mouse and pre-Installed Microsoft DOSTM 5.0 and Windows 3.1
  • Aimtech’s IconAuthor PresentTM run-time module
  • Software digital video playback 


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