PBIFF Awards Announcement

Greetings All!

I just learned something especially significant about the selection of a short movie I helped create called Moments Like These.  This short has been screened at three Florida film festivals and is about to be selected as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for the Student Showcase of Film in the College Student Feature/Short Film category.

I know some of you were already aware that this short was selected as a finalist.  What I didn’t realize is that we’d actually placed in this category for the first time in 7 years as a candidate against Florida State University (FSU).  This year, they are our competition as two candidates for placement and have been selected for all three places, pushing out all other Florida colleges from this category…For 7 YEARS!

So, when they selected our short, I figured FSU would easily win the only prize for that category (bad assumption on my part) and decided not to attend.  Last Friday, the deadline for attendance RSVP, I ran into another Valencia Film Program alumni who told me he moved to Miami.  I asked if he would accept our award, should we happen to win one, in our absence, and he agreed to do it.  Since I couldn’t get to my laptop in time to call the festival about his attendance on Friday, I called the following Monday morning to make sure he could attend in our absence, and they said it was fine.

Then a little later that morning, I got a call from the Palm Beach County Film & Television Director of Operations who told me that it would be prudent for us to attend and that Burt Reynolds specifically wanted me to be there.  Well, the last part is an exaggeration but she said having us there representing a college other than FSU, after all these years, is significant for everyone.  They “would love it” and the media will be there, too.  Besides, 700 people will be attending, as well as Burt Reynolds (this is true) and Bruce Campbell, who is an actor in one of my favorite TV shows, Burn Notice, and is presenting our award to us.

So, Jeremy Hicks, our short’s writer/director, and I will be driving to Boca Raton early morning on 15 March to attend the Red Carpet Awards Show.  From the sound of the F&TV Director’s conversation, I felt very honored to attend and that it will definitely be worth our time and energy, both of which I have plenty.  Maybe they’re just looking to increase audience size.  At least we’ll win some cash to cover the costs!  We’re hoping to win 1st place!

I’ll let you know how things turn out.  Click here to view how things turned out.

All the best,
Frank Gould

PS:  This short is one I Edited and Post-Produced, thus getting us into this festival.



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